Bar Chairs

Versatile bar chairs in various sizes for optimal concrete support – 25/40, 50/65, 75/90, and 85/100, ensuring reliable construction reinforcement.


Podrails for efficient concrete reinforcement. Explore the spiked 40mm option for enhanced stability and robust support in construction projects.


Explore Tripod options for concrete support - Tripod, Tripod 45mm, and Tripod 50mm, ensuring stability and strength in construction projects.

Four Way Spacer

110mm Four Way Spacer for optimal concrete spacing. Ensures uniformity and stability, enhancing construction efficiency. Essential for precise reinforcement.

One way/Two way Spacer

One-way/Two-way spacers for versatile concrete support. Choose between options to enhance stability and precision in construction projects.

Belt pack coil

Convenient belt pack coil for easy handling and application. Ensures efficient tying in residential construction projects. Streamlines workflow and enhances productivity.

Straight cut tie wire 350mm

Straight-cut tie wire, 350mm length, for efficient and secure bundling. Simplifies construction tasks, ensuring a quick and reliable tying process.

Duct tape

Duct tape for versatile and reliable bonding. Essential for quick repairs and temporary fixes, ensuring convenience in various applications.

Polythene Builders Film

High-impact Polythene Builders Film, 4m x 50m x 200um in black. Durable and versatile for effective construction use, ensuring protection and resilience.

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