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Experience streamlined construction with Steel & Systems, your trusted Building Supplies Sydney partner and reinforcing steel supplier. Our house slab packages are expertly designed to simplify construction complexities. We carefully choose reinforcement products tailored to your drawings, including reinforcing steel, pods, and essential accessories. Count on us to boost your construction experience with top-quality residential Slab Packages.

slab packages

Reinforcing Steel

Discover strength and reliability with our premium reinforcing steel solutions at Steel & Systems. As pioneers in the industry, we provide top-notch reinforcing steel that improves your construction projects. Our precision-engineered steel ensures structural integrity, durability, and peace of mind. Whether it’s a large-scale project or a smaller endeavour, trust us for quality reinforcing steel that stands the test of time.


Waffle Pods

Revolutionise your construction with our Waffle Pod Slab System—a game-changer in waffle slab construction. Engineered for efficiency, our Polystyrene Waffle Pods ensure a seamless building process. Elevate stability and insulation while reducing environmental impact. Transform your projects with cutting-edge waffle pod technology. Discover the future of construction with our innovative solutions. Choose excellence in waffle pod slabs—choose us for unparalleled performance and sustainability.

Waffle Pod Slab


Explore a comprehensive range of building supplies and accessories at Steel & Systems. From plastic clipfast spacers to concrete block spacers; our collection includes top-quality accessories like plastic deck chairs, fastwheels, & slab-on-ground spacers. Enhance your project with precision-engineered items such as plastic-tipped wire chairs, metal bases, wire trench mesh clips, and supports. Rely on us for reinforcing steel supplies, including bar guards that meet the highest standards in durability & performance.


Residential House Slab Specialist

Your one-stop solution for top-tier residential slabs—experts in house slab construction. Unmatched precision, reliability, & excellence in every project.

Direct From Manufacturer (No middle man)

Source house slabs directly from the manufacturer—no middleman. Unmatched quality, cost savings, and personalised service for your residential projects.

48 Hours Turn Around Time

Swift delivery guaranteed! Receive your Building Supplies in Sydney within 48 hours—efficiency, reliability, quality of work and speed at your service in the Sydney & NSW area.

Innovative Manufacturing Process

Revolutionary manufacturing for house slabs. Our innovative process ensures unmatched quality & efficiency- transforming residential projects with cutting-edge building supplies solutions.



Get accurate steel reinforcement estimating services. Trust us for precise estimates, optimising costs and ensuring the efficiency of your residential building supplies.


Cut & Bend

Optimise your construction process with our Reinforcement Cut and Bend services. We help achieve precision in cutting and bending Reinforcement Bars, ensuring seamless integration!



Enhance your project’s foundation with our residential slab delivery service, specialising in swift and reliable steel reinforcement material delivery.



Embrace sustainability with our EPS Recycling services. We collect and recycle EPS, contributing to a greener environment and circular economy.

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Premium Residential Slab Packages

Unmatched Excellence in Residential House Slab Packages

Whether you’re constructing low-rise residential apartments or a single-dwelling home, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of each project. As a trusted building products supplier and construction material provider, our seasoned team is adept at navigating the complexities of your construction needs, including time constraints and concrete pour schedules.

Having established ourselves as a reliable partner, our commitment to quality seamlessly aligns with the dynamic demands of the residential sector. Timely deliveries are crucial, and our refined systems ensure prompt delivery. Our responsive team is ready for delivery or waste collection pick-up across NSW.

Concrete pour delays and non-accredited product installations can hinder construction progress. Our focus is on overcoming these challenges. Opt for our premium residential slab packages, including our comprehensive steel reinforcement package, to not only meet but exceed industry standards. We don’t just provide products; we offer peace of mind for your entire construction journey.

slab packages
house slabs
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Excellence in manufacturing and service of house slab materials

Experience unparalleled excellence in house slab manufacturing. Our commitment lies in top-notch manufacturing and services, ensuring precision, durability, & tailored solutions for the perfect foundation in residential construction projects.

Innovative manufacturing

As house slab experts, we guarantee enduring strength. Our approach and skilled craftsmanship redefine construction standards, the preferred choice for unparalleled structural excellence in projects.

Streamlined material supply

Top steel reinforcement suppliers turning visions into reality. Offering diverse Reinforcement Bars and Rectangular Mesh, our cutting-edge solutions meet the highest strength and reliability standards.

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Frequently asked questions

These sets of questionnaires and answers by experts can help get a better understanding of our products & services.

We’re special because we provide steel reinforcement & waffle pod supplies, and we have three manufacturing facilities. This means you can get fast & efficient delivery all over NSW. Plus, you only have to deal with one company for everything related to your foundation.

Absolutely! We specialise in crafting personalised solutions that suit client’s requirements and budgets according to the project.

Our estimating services ensure accurate project planning, optimising timelines and budgeting.

Our product range includes high-quality accessories like Podrails, Bar Chairs, Tripods, Plastic Clipfast Spacers, and Corner Bars to pace up construction success.

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